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Our air-cooled pumps are cost-effective, heat transfer pump that features a shaft-mounted a fan to provide airflow over the cooling fins of the pump. In air-cooled pump isolated liquid is circulated through an air-cooled heat exchanger by an auxiliary impeller located on the rotor assembly.

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Hot Oil Centrifugal Pump. Material:Cast Steel, SS304. Max. Temperature:370°C. Inlet diameter:26 ~ 300 mm. Outlet diameter:20 ~ 250 mm. Flow Range:4.5~ 700 m3/h(Including customized model) Head Range:20 ~ 125 m. Power:0.75 ~ 220 kw. The Maximum working pressure:16 bar. Usage:Hot Oil, Cooling Oil, Circulation Oil. Drive:Electric Motor, Diesel Engine. Cooling: CombiTherm Plus - High Temperature Centrifugal PumpCombiTherm Plus is designed to require no external cooling when working within the given parameters. The throttle bush, journal bearing and seal placement reduce circulation and temperature along the pump length. This greatly reduces the temperature at the seal face and bearings. Balanced single mechanical seal with EPDM O-rings.

DLSB-100 Low Temperature Cooling Liquid Circulating Pump

DLSB-100 series of low-temperature cooling liquid circulating pump is constant in flow, voltage, circulating liquid can provide satisfied cooling water on temperature, water quality requirements, and used for large lab equipments as high pure metal, uncommon material purification, environment experiment, vacuum coating and magnetron sputtering. Dean Pump - Centrifugal Industrial Process Pumps for High

  • Proven Performance!Manufacturer ProductsPump ApplicationsDean Pump® is recognized worldwide for high quality industrial process pumps. These pumps are manufactured in a variety of metals to handle a broad range of high temperature and chemical process applications. Dorian Drakes Industrial and Environmental Group is the sales and marketing representative of the Dean Pump® brand of equipment in its markets. Since 1869, Dean Pump has provided rugged, service tested equipment that has set the industrys performance criteria. Dean pumcentrifugal thermal oil pump, centrifugal thermal oil pump WRY Thermal Oil Pump 350 centigrade Capacity:4.5 ~ 400 m3 / h Head:15 ~ 85m Speed :2900r/min Specifications For Heat Oil Below 350 C Pump Body:Cast Steel SS304, ss316 Packing and mechanical Seal Conbined Oil Pump in Petrol Fields Brief Introduction With scientific constuction and fine performance, it is used in transporting high temperature liquid without solid particles.

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    a change in temperature. A small amount of liquid or steam through the jacket can control the stuffing box to what ever temperature range you need. In some instances cool heat transfer oil is utilized. Keep in mind that this jacket is also providing cooling to the bearing case as well as the stuffing box. High Temperature Hot Water Centrifugal Pump For Boiler KRS type high temperature hot water pump is a single-stage and single-suction two-stage single-suction cantilever centrifugal pump, suitable for special working conditions such as metallurgy, power station, chemical industry, etc., used to transport high-pressure hot water below 400 without solid particles Flow range:Q=31000m3/h

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    Jun 19, 2021 · Manufacturer of pumps for high temperature applications. Pumps such as ANSI process pumps, API-610 process pumps, hot oil pumps, heat transfer fluid pumps, hot cooking oil transfer pumps, hot water pumps, ISO, DIN and JIS grade pumps, self-priming pumps, slurry pumps and sanitary 3A pumps are available. High-Pressure chemical centrifugal heavy oil transfer pump chemical centrifugal heavy oil transfer pump are available in submersible versions for pumping well water, sewage water, and other forms of liquid similar to that of water. At , you get to select from a distinct variety of.

    ICP High Pressure / High Temp Chemical Process Pump

    Product Description. The ICP is a Heavy Duty Chemical Process Pump Designed For Extreme Temperatures and Pressures and is Ideal for Chemical, Petrochemical, Hot Water or Heat Transfer Fluid Applications. Hydraulic Components Comply with ISO 2858 and DIN 24256 For Easy Integration to Most Process Piping Systes. Mechanical Design in Accordance to KCB Gear Pumps For Oil Rosin , Paraffins - Hebei Shenghui motor 220v 60hz self-priming centrifugal heat oil pump explosion-proof circular arc gear pump hydraulic gear oil pump high viscosity asphalt three screw bitumen pump

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    The SKY end suction, single stage centrifugal thermal oil pump can be used for thermal oil that is free of solid particles. Common fluids pumped include thermal oil, heat transfer oil, bitumen and low viscosity high temperature industrial oils and common applications include steel plants, plastic manufacturing facilities, heat transfer circulating systems, and the rubber and wood processing industry for boiler feed. Pump - Volume Flow and Temperature RiseNo pump is perfect with 100% efficiency. Energy lost in friction and hydraulic losses transforms to heat - heating up the fluid transported through the pump. The temperature rise can be calculated as. dt = P s (1 - ) / (c p q ) (1) where . dt = temperature rise in the pump (o C) q = volume flow through pump

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    • Potential Problems and HazardsGeneral RecommendationsStandard Centrifugal PumpsHot Oil Pump HTO 180 MP Pumps - Centrifugal Pumps3" x 1-1/2" Hot Oil Pump. HTO 180. This patented centrifugal hot oil pump was engineered to operate in high temperature applications, such as plastics, chemical, food, and processing. Available with or without a motor, the HTO 180 end suction pump was designed to be mounted vertically or horizontally. Cool ambient air temperature greatly Pumping High Temperature Liquids - Pump Schooltemperature range. For this reason, Nitralloy pins are used for high temperature applications beyond 450°F (230°C). Dimensional change due to thermal expansion plays an enhanced role on two fronts. 1) Clearances in the pump are critical to pump operation and maximum efficiency. Heat causes the metal parts to expand, decreasing the internal clearances.

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      High head Centrifugal Impeller high temperature heat transfer oil pump for boiler. $155.00 - $345.00/Set. 1.0 Sets(Min. Order) Contact Supplier. High temperature heat insulation horizontal circulating thermal oil boiler feed pump. $400.00/Set. Thermal Oil Pumps & Hot Oil Circulating Pumps for Burners Hot oil circulating pumps for feeding burners Thermal oil pumps, or hot oil pumps as they are otherwise known, are designed for the movement of heat-transfer oils under high temperature

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      Speck Centrifugal pumps are designed for the transport and recirculation of organic heat transfer oils on mineral and/or synthetic basis as well as heat transfer applications throughout the world from 0-880 GPM at temperatures up to 620°F with up to 1075 feet of head. Thermic Fluid Hot Oil Pump for heat Oil Transfer - china Thermic Fluid Hot Oil Pump for heat Oil Transfer The Thermic Fluid Hot Oil Pump are Manufactured in special constructions for the circulation of heat Oil Transfer. The application fields are covered by the following high temperature and pressure Limits. Admissible Temperature of Flow Medium - 350 Deg.C Admissible Internal Pump Pressure - 10 Bar

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      Feb 01, 2021 · These design features allow System One high-temperature pumps to safely and reliably transfer critical and valuable fluids in a wide variety of high-temperature applications, including thermal oils, petrochemicals, heat-transfer fluids, plastics and more. The System One Series is pre-configured to meet temperature requirements of up to 450°F Hot Oil & Heat Transfer Magnetic Drive Pumps High Home » Pumps » Sealless Applications » Hot Oil & Heat Transfer Pumps Hot Oil & Heat Transfer Magnetic Drive Pumps High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pumps. Pumping heat transfer fluids provides a wide range of challenges to the end user. Many problems can be traced back to mechanical seal failures, resulting in costly repairs and down time.