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BSS Magmeter Private Limited - Manufacturer of Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Water Flow Meter & Gsm Gprs Base Product from Chakan, Maharashtra, India

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WELCOME TO BSS Magmeter. The BSS make Electromagnetic flow meter called as virtually approaches the ideal flow meter suitable for wide range of liquid flow measurements even when low conductivities . The meter offers no resistance to flow hence the pressure drop is always negligible. The measurement is based on faradays law of electromagnetic induction, independent of viscosity, Best Technology Guide to Magnetic Flow Meters-Sino-InstNov 27, 2019 · A Magnetic flow meter, also called electromagnetic flow meter, mag flow meter, or magmeters. A magnetic flow meter is a volumetric flow meter that works with principle of magnetic technology. Magnetic flow meters do not have any moving parts. An electromagnetic flowmeter consists of two parts:Electrode (sensor) and Transmitter.

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ElEctRomagnEtic Flow mEtER FMG600 Series Liquid Temperature:0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) STD, The FMG600 Series electromagnetic flow meters are designed for measurement of conductive liquids. With no moving parts and a PTFE 52 150# ANSI flange magmeter with Electromagnetic Flow Meters - Omega EngineeringElectromagnetic Flow Meters. Precise flow measurements with no moving parts, industrial design to accommodate many materials. FMG470. Flanged Magnetic Flow Meter w/Integrated Display, Pulse & Optional 4-20mA Output. SHOP NOW ». FMG480. Magmeter with Integrated Display, Pulse & 4-20mA Output. SHOP NOW ».

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Electromagnetic Flow Meters are volumetric flow meters that measure the voltage created when conductive liquids move through a magnetic field. They use energized coils outside the flow tube to create a magnetic field, which creates voltage proportional to the velocity of a conductive liquid passing through the area at a right angle. Electromagnetic Flow Meters Other Products Toshiba Toshiba's electromagnetic flow meters are ideal for industries such as power generation, HVAC, water/wastewater treatment, pulp & paper, metals, and food & beverage. Features include 0.2% accuracy, built-in surge protection and minimum straight pipe run. All Toshiba electromagnetic flow meters are backed by a 10-year warranty.

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SITRANS FM electromagnetic flowmeters Supercharge your efficiency with the Siemens electromagnetic flow portfolio. SITRANS FM magmeters deliver high-precision volume measurement of electrically conductive liquid applications from water, wastewater and irrigation to hygienic processes and even mining slurries with magnetic particles. General Purpose Electromagnetic Flow MeterThe ALMAGWP is an inline-type, general purpose electromagnetic flow meter with flanged connections. This versatile water flow meter is available for nominal pipe sizes ranging from ½ through 80 and can detect fluid velocities ranging from less than 0.2 mps to 12 mps. The ALMAGWP comes with an easy to read OLED display and is available

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RB Flowmeter is a manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic flow meters for all industries and sell to more than 20 countries in the worldwide. We can offer Electromagnetic flow meters, water meters, electromagnetic flow meters for the water and wastewater industry, the chemical industry, the food and beverage industry, the paper industry MagFlux electromagnetic flow measurement MJK AutomationElectromagnetic Measurement MAGFLUX ELECTROMAGNETIC FLOWMETERS DELIVER VERY STABLE AND ACCURATE FLOW MEASUREMENTS OF PRESSURISED, CLOSED PIPE SYSTEMS. With MJK's MagFlux electromagnetic flowmeter, you can measure flow in electrically conductive liquids in closed, pressurized pipe systems with great precision.

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ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS:Step 1, Select Flow Meter. Step 2, Select Output Cable From Accessories. EXAMPLE:Item 1:FMG480-03-D6, 3" Flanged Magmeter with integrated display, 60 Hz Power, Pulse and 4-20mA Output. Magnetic Flow Meter Manufacturer Mag Meters Nov 20, 2020 · Magnetic flowmeters, also known as simply mag meters, offer a number of practical advantages over traditional flow metering technologies which employ mechanical measuring techniques.The minimally invasive, no-moving-parts design of the electromagnetic flow meter is the key to these advantages.

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Magnetic flowmeters typically require 3-5 diameters of upstream straight run and 0-3 diameters of downstream straight run measured from the plane of the magnetic flowmeter electrodes. Applications for dirty liquids are found in the water, wastewater, mining, mineral processing, power, pulp and paper, and chemical industries. Picomag - Electromagnetic flowmeter Endress+HauserFlow metering in a pocket-sized format. For the reliable measurement of conductive liquids in utilities. Picomag eBook. Check out this electromagnetic plug-and-play flowmeter for your utilities, and easily access related tools such as the SmartBlue App, movies or brochures.

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Digital Water Flow Meter. Aluminum Die cast IP 65/67. We are among the reputed organizations, highly engaged in providing an optimum quality range of Teflon Lining Digital Water Flow Meter. This meter is more suitable with those fluids which present difficulties in handling. Fluids such as effluents, slurries, pulps, brines & other highly magflow meter/electromagnetic flow/magnetic flow meterRBEF Electromagnetic Flow meter (Magmeter) is suitable to measure volumetric flow rate of the conductive liquid and slurry in the closed pipe. e.g. clean water, sewage, various solutions of acid, alkali, salt; slurry, slag, pulp and other liquids such as food-beverage etc. A various type Magnetic Flow meters (Liquid flow meter) can provide as

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Flow Measurement Electromagnetic flow meters, or magmeters, are comprised of a transmitter and sensor that together measure flow. The magnetic flow meters sensor is placed inline and measures an induced voltage generated by the fluid as it flows through a pipe.