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“The third chakra was so far the best celebration, creation, joy and fun, that I have experienced. Each individual had his own energy but the whole group was unbelievably family like. I found different practices that I can use in my job and also in my daily life and in relationships. I am realizing the connection with the universe more and more… the understanding of relationships, love and freedom are opening me into new possibilities of joy… “

“I am grateful for this series of seminars. It is one way to work on knowing yourself. Through deep, active meditations and work on one-self. If I would compare it to something, it is like someone throws you a life-jacket in the sea. The sea is full of questions, emotions, fear, old dogmas and beliefs. Thank you.”

“I liked the separate sharings, they were very intimate. I found out what causes my fear to fall in love with a man, for this I am very grateful. The attitude of Deepa and Nisarga is great. The exercises were awesome. Thank you!”

“A beautiful adventure. All the exercises and meditations showed me something new. Bringing down boundaries through playfulness is the most beautiful path. Not taking anything too serious or not taking it serious at all, this is what affected me the most. The whole flow of the workshop was amazing. A safe atmosphere was created and everyone was full of love and willing to share our biggest secrets. Nisarga and Deepa together create the best and most amazing couple. Thank you!“

“This meeting made me aware that I am too tough on myself, that I am not able to say what I need sometimes, or to set my boundaries appropriately. “Better to hold in everything and not to feel anything”, that has been my long-term pattern. Now that I have seen the pattern clearly, hopefully I have been able to heal it. Also I am very glad for the work on healing female and male energies and returning to harmony. Thank you for the support to realize and understand so many things about myself, my family and that this work is so wonderful and it works. I am immensely grateful for my intuition that led me here to Deepa and Nisarga and this amazing centre. Thank you.”

“I have realized how much tension can be stored in the solar plexus. How this tension can be limiting for living life and how much it is underestimated! It is beautiful after the workshop to feel that release and realize how new possibilities are opening in my life after getting rid of tensions in the 3rd chakra! All the people here are so wonderful and open – maybe because they have such teachers… and the way the workshop was led strengthened my confidence, openness and surrender to what will come. Thank you.”

“Each of these three workshops in the Sex to Superconsciousness series that I have been through so far, has been a different story. Various meditations and sharings in the group have helped me realize the context connected with the basis of life. I am happy and grateful that I have attended. Thank you”

“These are very good therapists who create a safe environment, allowing my boundaries to more easily expand. I know that by participating in this group I have made a big step for myself and I have created space for the new and better.”

“The workshop was amazingly enriching. It had a very pleasant and energetic flow also. For me, the third chakra was about strength and fight, and opposites that are connected to it. I give very good evaluation to division of energies of male and female parts. For me it has meant the re-realization of my own existence in the correlation with nature and love. The meditations guide me through lots of emotions which I have been suppressing most of my life, not expressing them.”

“For me this seminar has meant very much, particularly this third chakra. I do not belong to the group of people who are searching for this kind of seminars. It helped me to open this chakra that was very blocked and now I can say that it is much more open but I have to work more on myself. I am grateful that I came for this seminar because it has helped me a lot a lot. Especially this seminar gave me freedom, love, openness and self-confidence. Some particular meditations were for me amazing. Separate time between men and women is for me essential and most entertaining. I recommend and wish for everyone to at least try one of the 7 chakra groups at some point. I send positive energy. Kiss.”

“It was deep and strong energy. It was deep work right from the beginning, a strong topic. I released blocks and gained the feeling of strength, security, independence and freedom. I healed wounding mainly regarding men, connecting to deep wounding and releasing or healing this wounding. I gained an understanding of next correlations and things in life. I also had the feeling of intercommunity. I was able to surrender to masculine energy and found acceptance of men’s power. I experienced the support of playfulness and joy, and the loving care of facilitators. “

“I loved this seminar. It gave me the opportunity to heal deep wounding related to men. Now I feel much more open and relaxed, and I feel safe in relating to men. Before I had this feeling, or pattern, to fight or to compete with men showing them I am better. Now I can surrender, accept and recognize the healthy masculine. Thank you for loving support and nice family like space in which I felt very safe to open.”

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