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Remembering yourself as a buddha is the most precious experience, because it is your eternity, it is your immortality.
It is not you, it is your very existence.
You are one with the stars and the trees and the sky and the ocean.
You are no longer separate.
The last word of Buddha was, sammá-sati.
Remember that you are a buddha—sammá-sati.

Osho’s last words in public



We are interested in personal growth methods and techniques that really work.

In addition to changing the thinking patterns we also like to include working with the body and emotions.

We are interested in people who are willing to change their lives for better and are ready to take responsibility for it, people who want to be more open, happier and in greater harmony with themselves and their surroundings.

We create an environment where, thanks to the combination of love and awareness, change can happen, an environment that supports the process of returning to oneself, getting rid off all the layers and programs that do not belong to us and supports the courage to live our own lives.

We invite the very best teachers, therapists and facilitators from around the world, or their certified students. The integration of the transformative process is supported by the beauty and peace of surrounding nature.